Alpine Construction specializes in installing firestopping systems, including fire-rated joint assemblies, intumescent fireproofing, perimeter fire containment and smoke- and fire-rated through penetrations.

Our extensive knowledge and training allow us to provide our clients with a full-service solution to all their firestopping needs, as we’re certified by several leading manufacturers and third-party organizations.

Benefits of Fireproofing Your Colorado Springs Building

Commercial firestopping is a process; it’s how we seal openings in commercial buildings to prevent fire from spreading. Properly installed firestopping should also confine heat and smoke to one area to prevent life-threatening damage.

Firestopping and fireproofing installations are necessary for all new and existing commercial construction.

Firestopping systems seal openings in walls and floors. Alpine Construction uses various components depending on the property and areas served:

  • Cables/cable trays
  • Conduits
  • Fireproofing/sealing materials/methods
  • Fire-rated floors/ceilings
  • Fire-rated walls/partitions

Why Commercial Firestopping Is Needed in Colorado Springs, CO

In December 2021, a wind-driven fire came dangerously close to Colorado Springs commercial properties near I-25. Several businesses were forced to evacuate.

Fire prevention and protection are critical to every commercial construction project. The two systems needed for fire protection and firestopping are:

  • Alarms/warnings
  • Containment/suppression

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards specify commercial properties must have:

  • Access to water for firefighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire department access
  • Fire protection/firestopping systems
  • Occupant egress

Types of Firestopping Systems

Your commercial property needs active and passive fire protection. Active fire protection systems include fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, sprinklers, etc.

Commercial firestopping systems are “passive” fire protection. Your Alpine Construction firestopping professionals divide your property into designated areas that are compartmentalized to minimize spread and damage from fire, heat and smoke. We want to contain a fire in one area to allow time for evacuation.

Fire barriers are installed during commercial construction. Wiring, cables and pipes often infiltrate those walls. Penetrating firestops can block fire spread via electrical cables, plumbing pipes and other room-to-room systems like floors and ceilings.

Fire-resistive joints protect the spaces between fire-rated areas. A good example is where a wall connects to a ceiling (which forms the floor of the room directly above.)

Let’s Work Together on Your Next Project

Fire containment is a primary concern for building designers and owners as the control of fire, smoke and poisonous gases is a critical component of the overall life safety plan of the structure.

Typically, a combination of active (fire sprinklers and fire alarms) and passive (firestopping and spray fireproofing) fire protection systems are needed to meet the stringent building code requirements that govern the design, construction and occupancy of buildings.

Firestopping is a passive fire protection approach that relies on the compartmentalization of various building components, including fire-rated walls, joints and floors.

The goal is to prevent the spread of fire within a building by properly sealing every opening, penetration and joint that’s part of the fire-rated assembly to maintain or achieve the designated fire-resistive rating.

A common misunderstanding of firestops is that certain materials have specific fire ratings. On the contrary, firestop materials are only a single component of the overall firestop system tested by UL or other third-party testing agencies. The firestop assembly includes all the building components required to achieve or maintain the specified fire-resistive rating.

Alpine Construction’s firestop contractors are experienced and trained to provide a single-source approach to firestopping on your next project. Hiring a firestop specialty contractor will reduce your overall liability exposure, reduce costs and streamline the documentation process.

Call (719) 203-5357 or contact Alpine Construction to learn more about fireproofing and firestopping services in Colorado Springs and El Paso County.

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Firestopping is vital to prevent the spread of fire within a building. Our trained experts stay up-to-date on all firestopping regulations and best practices, resulting in the highest quality systems for your project.

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