Residential Insulation in Colorado Springs

You deserve to be comfortable in your home and a well-insulated home is simply better, thermally. It keeps you warm during winter snowstorms and cool during summer heatwaves.

Good insulation also reduces wear and tear on expensive HVAC systems. Your unit won’t need to work hard to provide the level of comfort and clean air you need.

The test of time is the way to judge a well-managed, reputable business. Since 2015, Alpine Construction Services has served the Colorado Springs area. We’re here for you now, and we’ll be here when you need us.

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Residential Insulation Solutions for Colorado Springs, CO

To understand how insulation is connected to your heating and cooling system efficiency, it helps to understand how insulation works. Heating and cooling systems balance your home’s temperature and comfort, but insulation manages heat flow by providing resistance.

  • Conduction is the way heat moves through certain materials.
  • Convection is the way heat circulates and why warm air rises.
  • Radiation travels a straight path and heats solids.

R-Value Ratings

R-value is our rating system for how insulation manages heat flow. It’s based on the insulation material, its thickness and density. Insulation with a higher R-value does a better job of insulating.

Because we tend to think more is better, it’s common for homeowners to add insulation. We call it “retrofitting.” Sometimes this is a good call; sometimes it’s not. A lot depends on the materials.

For example, loose-fill insulation might compress even more when adding more insulation. This defeats the purpose of adding insulation because you don’t increase your R-value or airflow management. Or, if your insulation is holding moisture, adding more traps the moisture and increases the potential for damage to the rest of your home.

If your insulation has water damage or signs of pest infiltration, replacement is your best option.

10 Places Where Residential Insulation Is Needed in Colorado Springs Homes

Attics are the top sites for insulation in Colorado Springs homes, but we need insulation throughout our residential properties to manage the extreme weather conditions here. Making sure your windows and doors are properly sealed/caulked is important.

Exterior walls, especially between living spaces and unheated garages, need insulation. Any above-ground foundation walls and heated basement walls should be insulated. Unheated garage walls should be insulated as well.

  1. Attics and lofts: Batt and blown-in fiberglass insulation is a good choice for Colorado attics. It’s affordable, and when insulation is professionally installed, you’ll see lower energy bills. One way to tell if your attic is properly insulated is to measure. If it’s less than 13″ thick, you could benefit from adding insulation.
  2. Cathedral ceilings: We have a fondness for cathedral ceilings in Colorado Springs! They are beautiful but notorious energy-wasters. When properly insulated, cathedral ceilings can maintain the same temperatures as the rest of the room. Foil-faced batt insulation is good for cathedral ceilings when there is no attic space above.
  3. Concrete slabs: Some homes are built on concrete slabs, which are cold if not insulated. It’s difficult (and expensive) to insulate an existing slab, but if you’re building new, insulation can reduce your energy bills by as much as 20%.
  4. Crawl spaces/basements: Crawl spaces and unfinished basements are bug and moisture magnets. Insulation can block unwanted energy/air loss and prevent insect infestations.
  5. Ducts: Sometimes ducts are located in what’s called an “unconditioned space.” If that’s the case, insulating and sealing the area can reduce energy loss.
  6. Exterior walls: If your home feels too drafty/cold in winter or too muggy/warm in summer, even with good attic insulation, you may need more. Any time you plan exterior wall projects, consider adding insulation. Spray foam insulation may be the best choice.
  7. Floors above unheated garages: Be sure to seal the area to minimize danger from exhaust, chemical solvents/cleaners, etc., that might be stored in the garage. Then add insulation for warmth.
  8. Foundations: Adding foundation insulation keeps below-grade rooms more comfortable and can prevent moisture issues, insects and radon infiltration.
  9. Garages: If you have a garage used for band practice, your neighbors will appreciate the soundproofing properties garage insulation can add.
  10. Knee walls: “Knee walls” are vertical walls with attic space behind them.

Let’s discuss your next home improvement project. Adding insulation may be an affordable way to increase your comfort level while adding energy savings.

Call (719) 203-5357 or contact Alpine Construction to learn more about insulation in Colorado Springs and El Paso County communities.

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