Expert Residential New Construction Insulation in Colorado Springs, CO

If you’re a Colorado homebuilder, you know that higher expenses cut into your profit margin. And because you’re trying to manage project deadlines and staffing issues, if you can find a place to cut corners, you should.

But there’s also the problem of maintaining the integrity of your brand. You want homeowners and entire subdivisions to mention your name with pride when asked who built their home.

It’s tempting to cut corners by reducing the quality and even the amount of new-home insulation. What would you do if the house you’re building were your home? If it is your home, it’s cheaper and smarter to install the right amount and the correct type of insulation needed per square foot.

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Alpine Construction is your local insulation contractor for the Colorado Springs area of Central Colorado.

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How Insulation Works in Colorado Springs

El Paso County homes are built to withstand extreme winters and uncomfortable summer heat. Insulation is one way we manage airflow and clean indoor air.

New home insulation should keep your home warm during cold weather and maximize cool, comfortable air in hot weather. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends a combination of cavity (spray foam) and sheathing (batts) for new-home construction.

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) establishes insulation and air-sealing guidelines for the different regions in Colorado. Alpine Construction insulation professionals know insulation and air-sealing requirements, so you don’t have to.

An R-value is how we measure a material’s ability to resist heat flow. Higher numbers offer better protection. For example, a batting-insulated 2×4 stud-wall may have a relatively low R-value. Spray foam insulation can substantially increase the R-value and provide better protection.

According to the Department of Energy, the amount of thermal performance (or R-value) of your new insulation is based on its thickness, material type, and density. Professional insulation installation is another factor in how effective your new-home insulation will be. That’s why DIY installation is not recommended.

We know your time is valuable, so let’s talk today.

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Insulating New Construction vs. Retrofit

Even the best insulation can “settle” over time. You may not know it, but when you see higher heating and cooling bills or feel drafty places in your home, there’s a good chance you need to add insulation. It’s called “retrofitting,” and it’s a fast, easy job if your current insulation has no damage or deterioration.

Thermal boundaries are the most important areas where insulation is needed. These areas should have maximum R-values, especially for those living in cold, mountainous climates.

These R-values are recommended for:

  • Attic: R-49
  • Basement: R-11
  • Crawl space: R-19
  • Exterior walls: R-18
  • Floors: R-25

… but most homeowners and homebuilders will recommend more (R-60 for attics, R-30 in walls, R-40 in floors, etc.).

During new home construction, when so many decisions must be made, homeowners often say, “just put whatever” insulation is necessary. But that’s an expensive mistake.

It’s cheaper to install the proper amount now, during construction, rather than retrofit later. Your home’s energy bills will be lower when you need them to be — which is now.

When it comes to insulation, sometimes more is…more. If you’re considering a retrofit or have damaged insulation, it’s not a DIY job. Mold and rodent/pest droppings are dangerous to you and your family’s health.

Professional insulation installation advice and service is just a phone call away. Call (719) 203-5357 or contact Alpine Construction.

Why Alpine Construction?

A new home is probably your biggest investment. It makes sense to want the best insulation solutions for:

  • Better IAQ (indoor air quality)
  • Enhanced fire protection
  • Increased property value
  • Lower monthly energy bills
  • Reduced street noise
  • Return on investment: Alpine Construction new insulation can deliver as much as 117% ROI. Ask your tax professional if you’re eligible for Department of Energy tax credits, too.

Alpine Construction is part of the Installed Building Products (IBP) Family of Companies, the second-largest insulation installer in the U.S.

With greater purchasing power, we can meet your deadlines while other companies are waiting on supplies. We also save money by buying in bulk. And we pass those savings on to you.

Call (719) 203-5357 or contact Alpine Construction to learn more about insulation and fireproofing services in Colorado Springs and El Paso County.

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